Video Marketing: 3 Great Irish Examples

The medium of video is no new concept in marketing. Television advertisements have been around for decades and have always proved fruitful for advertisers.However the new world of marketing to the online viewer have drastically changed how we use the medium of video to reach our target audience. Today I will be discussing the Irish advertising success stories who ingeniously incorporated videos toward their online social media campaigns.


Guinness is famous world over for their beer and their creative advertising, they are well-known for producing some of the most heartfelt, uplifting advertisements that are hard to forget. One such example of this is the ‘Intolerant Champion’ about John Hammond and his defiance against Government law that banned Jazz which was deemed ‘black music’. Read more about John Hammond’s  life here. The video is artistically shot in black and white  featuring the voice narration of Danny Glover and the remix of sing sing sing This story aired as a Tv advert but gained success online with thousand of views on YouTube


This EuroMillions ad is one of my favourite in recent years due to the scale of its humour. It shows an Irish man winning the EuroMillions and deciding to buy an Island for the people of Ireland.  We then see the Irish in full swing living on the Island, bringing with them some funny Irish-isms such as the ‘crisp sandwich’. This is a very entertaining watch and left a lasting impression on me It also shows the extreme wealth up to offer from the Euromillions.


Another ad here featuring similar humour as the Euromillions, the irish-ism appear once more This ad is set at a barbecue  where the smoke from the fire is blowing in the guests face and practically blinding him but no matter what he wont complain or move for fear of ‘causing a fuss’. This style of video advertising is very clever as it taps into something every Irish person can relate to. The ad aired on Tv but also gained views online.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did.



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