5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook

As more and more businesses venture online it is increasingly important to stand out from the crowd, and giving your business a strong Facebook page enhances its online presence. Existing and potential customers appreciate the ability to get in contact with a business with queries and inquiries

However, having a Facebook page that is not utilised properly can be more damaging to a business/brand than no Facebook presence at all. Therefore I have compiled a list of the 5 most important tips to Improve your Facebook page.




The timing of your posts is crucial. It influences the numbers of people who view the post and therefore the traffic and interaction that viewers have with your page.

You can assess when your followers are online by checking your pages analytics, but just because your followers are online and active doesn’t necessarily mean this is the best time to post. According to Quicksprout.com the best time to post may be when your followers are not online, due to the competition of likes at this time.

A reputable IDC study has shown that most people check their social media accounts first thing in the morning. 79% of people aged 18-44 check their smart phone first thing in the morning. See the detailed report here. From this we can assume that they are checking through their Facebook news feed content

Therefore I concur that late night/early morning posts are the best time to post as it will be the first post on viewers new feeds. This also avoids competitive posting times such as the 1pm-6pm time slot.

2.Enhance Your About Section

The about section, or lack thereof, is a great pitfall of many Facebook pages. For illustrative purposes I have contrasted a really well executed About section and a severely lacking one.










ASOS includes:

  •  Their mission, which is a succinct explanation on what they aim for as a company
  • Further details on the company under the ‘about’, ‘company overview’ and’products’ headers
  • Humour within their page and asks viewers to get in touch, this warm attitude makes for a very appealing page

Xfactor lacks explanation on what the show is really about giving very little information and just posting links to other social media.

3.Encourage Engagement

It is  crucial to encourage engagement on your page. This includes comments, likes, shares and asking questions. Nathan Ellering discusses  how social media engagement can boost shared, from reading this article I can elaborate that the more content is liked and shared, the more people are going to  see your posts. Here are some ways to encourage post engagement

  • Varying the content of posts– nobody wants to read the same post ten times over
  • Including images and videos– keeps the new feed interesting
  • Use humour– people react well to humour on Facebook and if they don’t, they are still reacting
  • Ask questions-asking opinions and views encourages engagement
  • Respond- responding to complaints, queries and general comments goes a long way with regards to engagement

4.Facebook Contests

Contests are an excellent way to get people onto and engaging with your page. Some contests such as car giveaways can be expensive but others are inexpensive such as submitting a photo to have it featured on the page as a prize

Screenshot (8).png

Mc Kinney Motors Competition

This hugely successful car giveaway on Facebook by Mc Kinney Motors in Armagh generated a boost of 70% for people liking the page. This particular post generated 32k likes.

 5.Find your Niche

Finding your niche is easier said than done, but is essential to generating a fan base. People are always looking for the next cool thing.

A success story is the recent success of the food and cooking page Tasty, their niche is their succinct cooking videos that are only a few minutes long that show viewers how to male a range of easy meals.


BuzzFeed production that spiralled into a following of over 70 million total page likes.

I hope these tips will come in handy with your Facebook endeavors. I welcome comments and questions, don’t forget to follow me,



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