About Chief

You are probably wondering who is this person and what are they doing on WordPress.com?

Well, firstly my real name is not ‘Chief’ its Siofra. A mispronunciation which spiralled into a joking nickname to which I am referred to on a daily basis by friends. I plan on utilising this alias to its full potential in my blogging endeavors to mirror the achievements of ruthless chieftains of yore. I apologise if this is off-putting to you, my dear readers, but alas I shall continue .

I am currently a student in Cork Institute of Technology. I am in my second year of Marketing .  I live in Cork on the weekdays for college and travel back to my family home in Clare on weekends.

I work part-time in McDonald’s Ennis . I love my job, especially the people I work with. I have met some interesting people and good friends from my time working there.

I am very interested in fashion and music.In particular, I’m obsessed with all things 70’s related from the style to the music and even the ‘hideous’ decor.

I am very passionate about marketing and all things social media related, my posts will focus mainly on these two topics and how they interlink with each other. I welcome comments and hope you enjoy my blog.

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I look forward to sharing content with you and hearing your feedback,



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